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Less Slime, More Hope

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So, I’ve kind of gotten really busy with classes again… (Seriously, when will I ever learn?) It’s like I have an educational death wish or something. I think I’m stuck in student mode enough to not really know what life looks like without either looking forward to more school or actually being in school. Sure I’ve worked two different full-time jobs in the last couple of years, but I still don’t have it figured out what it means to pursue a career yet….because I was waiting on the opportunity for more school…….


Since January, I have finished two classes already (yay!) and am in the middle of two more. This has already been a crazy ride, friends. Graduate-level seminary classes are not for the faint-hearted! Sometimes I think my brain might actually explode and slime the walls with deep┬átheological thoughts. Gross. I think I’d rather share them with wisdom and tact, thanks. I don’t ever want to overwhelm anyone with this stuff, but I do want to talk about how it affects our daily lives.


I want us to dig in and discover what it is about Jesus that can begin to change our hearts and attitudes about what we go through. I want us to know what He has to say about how we interact with God and other people. I want us to see hope when we look at Him. And not just a future “someday it’ll all work out” kind of hope, but a real, tangible hope for the mess of the day-to-day we can’t seem to escape.


I plan on sharing more thoughts soon, but I just wanted you to know that I care very deeply about you and your walk with our Father. I care where the rubber meets your road in living this life in a way that is purposeful and fulfilling. He wants grand things for us, pals. We were each created with grand things in mind. You matter so much to Him. He wants to fill you up with His love. I hope we can discover how to let that happen together. I consider it an honor to be a small part of your walk.


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